My name is Øyvind "Garrador" Andersson.
I'm 17 years old and live in Norway.

Why graphic design?

The first time I ever touched photoshop, was 4 years ago.
A friend of mine and I, got interested in "photoshopping" when we found a site called digimods.

This site was all about styling stock cars in photoshop. This is were i learned the basics and more, of photoshop. After a year or two doing this, the site and the "chopping" (as we called it there), we got bored. A example of my photoshop skills is this site's design and coding. The "flowers" that you see is made by hand, and took quite a while to get right. But im happy with the results.

We still used photoshop for fun and made lots of cool/un-cool stuff. If i remember correctly, a year went by before i got interested in mapping for Half-Life 1. I had the game, and used several hours finding Hammer (the level editing program for halflife). Thats when it all started. I made some very ugly looking maps that can be compared with fy_iceworld and other aim maps.

At that time i was "hanging" at a norwegian modding forum called spillmodding. Through there, i found another forum: Interlopers.net.

Interlopers was the ultimate modding forum. I learned lots of techniques and basics here. I then started to make real maps for HL1, and not aim, fy etc.

I then found out how i could make textures to this game. That made my day. I created lot's of textures and implented them to the game. I found out i had the "texture artist" skill. So i made a remake of the Metal Gear Solid: Shadow Moses start. I played the game on my playstation, and sketched all the textures in to my little texture book. I then fired up Photoshop, and made them all (You can see some of them in the Textures section).

I also made a mini mod that never lived long enough to get a name. It never finished it because of one reason: I discovered Half-Life 2.

Modding for Source

One of the many days i was surfing the interlopers forum, i saw what was possible to do in the source engine. Both texture wise and mapping wise. My chin fell to the floor faster than a bullet. I searched through lots of norwegian online-stores for the game. Hell was unleashed when i didn't find it. So i had to continue with HL1. Then maybe a month later, a friend of mine who owned HL2 + many source mods (CS:S etc.), was tired of the game (not a true fan). So he offered me the game for a couple of bucks. So without hesitation, i bought it and was ready for modding!

At first when i tried to map for it with Hammer 3.0, i coulden't quite figure out how-to. But then again, interlopers came to the resque. I found out that i had to download the Source SDK. Wich was a "of course".

SDK downloaded, and i was again ready. I quickly made a map to see how things worked. The I/O system they had implented into this engine, was ofcourse when i learned how to use it, good as hell! It made things so much easier to understand. It took me quite a while to learn about this engine though.

Knowledge about the Source engine improves

After 6 months or more with soure mapping i began to understand how this engine worked and what capabilities it had.

So i thought; "Hey, let's learn to make textures for this game!". So then again, i wen't to Interlopers for an answer seek.

They had answers and tutorials for the basics. I quickly learned how to use the material system for this engine. I looked up shader parameters for the game on wiki. I learned how to use VMT codes and how to implent textures to the game. It was a totally new system wich was much easier to both understand and use. After some months i could do this with my eyes closed.

Let's mod!

At the time when i learned how to make and implent textures, I applied for a texture artist "job" for a mod called Unknown Lifeforms. This was my first experience with a mod. I was very excited!

I made textures, i made some HUD ideas, and other GFX stuff. I then got more skilled at texturing. So i figured that beeing a texture artist was my thing.

Diving deeper into the modding community

Now i had reached a level where i could do whatever i needed to do with textures. I had learned how to create textures with normal map, parallax map, alpha map, and so on. So i practicly spent my days at "loper's". Still working with the Unknown Lifeforms team, i applied for a texture artist job for a mod called Subvertus

I then got accepted here too. I then again was very excited and was very eager to make stuff. The Subvertus team was very helpful and survived my inferno with questions. So now i was setteled and happy with my "job's".

The art of modeling!

For one or two months ago, i got very interested in modeling. So i figured i was capable to learn this too.

So guess what, i started modeling. This was a pretty complex modding tool to use. But 3DS Max helped me through it. Im still a "noob", but im improving. Ive created some props for hl2, and other models just for practise. Visit the models section to see what I've made.

So as I'm writing this, im still learning how to improve my modeling skills and UV'ing skills.
I'm also a beginner at skinning models. Since i have experience with Photoshop, its easier to both understand and make. So every skill i have is improving as we speak. I've also made several re-skins that will be featured in my mod, called "Ergon" for now. The website for this mod will as soon as possible be made and uploaded.

I also wan't to mention a mod that i was invited to work with called "Frozenfish". This mod has given me the oppritunity to work as a modeler and texture artist. Ive created a fish weapon model for the mod, and more is to come. This mod is lead by "Cat" wih is the animator for the "Subvertus" mod. http://www.frozenfish.g2mods.net/.

A failed experiment

Well, i had to mension my try within coding. I found a C++ program called CodeBlocks. I then also found several books and tutorials on how to learn this. I then gave this C++ language two weeks of my life. These two weeks resulted in a program that said: "Hello World. My name is Řyvind Andersson and 3+3=6". I gave this up quickly.

The end

Well. Thats my story for now. I wan't to give a big thanks to Interlopers community for all the help! I also wan't to thank spillmodding.no for getting me started with HL1 mapping and texturing. Also, a big thanks to the mod teams I'm still working with for the help and giving me the experience of how it is to work with and as a team. The last salute, is to my computer. Thanks for handeling several programs at once.

I also want to mension some individuals who made my modding life much more easier, and helped me become what I am today: